Core 150™ is an innovative protein shaker bottle designed for transporting portioned nutrition. Our patented internal storage system hygienically stores three 50 gram servings of powders, supplements, vitamins, fruit, or other dietary snacks. Remove the Core 150™ stacking system for a fully functional 1 litre sports bottle that will deliver superior mix-ability and optimal hydration.
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3 x 50g compartments

The video that revolutionised the storage shaker bottle.

Unlike other shaker bottles on the market Core 150 ACTUALLY holds what it says it holds.

Real people review Core150

Real people review Core150

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Core 150 New Attitude

Getting the best results from your training requires the right ATTITUDE. Learn more

The Core 150 Attitude range.

Core 150 Stack Pack

Introducing the Core 150™ Stack Pack™ Dietary Supplement and Meal Management System.

Core 150 stack pack.

Core 150 Original

The Core 150™ original range was available in four colours.

Core 150 original range.

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$30.00 for two

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Core 150™ is Internationally Patent and Design Patent Protected
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